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About Our Family Farm

We are a 5th generation family farm located on Long Island in Manorville, New York. Our family has been farming in the United States for over 100 years. 

Butterfly on lavender plant

Who We Are

Our family began their farming career in East Meadow, New York where Dimytri and Anna Hoshyla grew vegetables for over 30 years. In 1954, they moved the family east to Manorville. Dimytri and Anna’s son, John took over the family farm. It was here that we were known for our potato and cauliflower crops.

Hoshyla Farms Potato Bag
Potato bag packed by John Hoshyla & Son
Suffolk County Farm Bureau c. 1954 John Hoshyla
John Hoshyla out for deliveries in his dodge truck
John Hoshyla and John Mitchell delivering potatoes to local shop

Above: John Hoshyla out for customer deliveries in his Dodge truck


John Hoshyla out on a corn delivery

Above: John Hoshyla out on a corn delivery 


Below: John Hoshyla (right) & John Mitchell (left) delivering potatoes to a local shop

Paul Hoshyla with tractor

Meet the Team


Peter Hoshyla

Land Owner

Susan (Hoshyla) Asendorf

Susan Asendorf

Human Resources

Meet the Team

Mckenzie Hoshyla

McKenzie Hoshyla

Social Media Liaison


Nicole Asendorf

Marketing & Creative Director

Paula Hoshyla

Paula Hoshyla

Site Manager

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